200,000 poor and disabled inhabitants of Kaduna do not yet benefit from the social protection policy – KADSPAC

The Kaduna Social Protection Accountability Coalition (KADSPAC) has called on the Kaduna State Government to approve the State Social Protection Policy Implementation Plan, 2021 to 2023.

It was even as he said that 200,000 poor, vulnerable and disabled residents of Kaduna are affected due to the non-implementation of the policy.

This was included in a statement released Tuesday by KADSPAC President Jessica Bartholomew in Kaduna.

According to the statement, KADSPAC, a coalition of civil society and media, which works to strengthen transparency and accountability in the provision of inclusive social protection, noted that 2021 is nearing completion and that the plan has failed. has not yet been approved.

He noted that the Kaduna state government launched the social protection policy in February to address the vulnerability of the poorest residents by mitigating their social and economic shocks.

The dream, according to the government, is to have “a state of Kaduna, where the poorest and most vulnerable residents are supported to lead productive, fulfilling and dignified lives” through a system that leaves no one behind.

The policy has defined five measures to realize the dream and the objective of ensuring that no citizen falls below the poverty line.

The measures are social assistance; social assurance; intervention in the labor market; Social Protection; and legislation, regulations and institutional framework.

An implementation plan had been developed as a systematic approach to delivering social protection interventions through the five measures to state residents.

The plan, if approved, would set in motion steps towards fulfilling the government’s commitment to empower the poor and vulnerable in the life of the state with dignity.

However, the delay in approving the plan poses a serious challenge in realizing the dream of helping the poor and vulnerable lead productive, fulfilling and dignified lives.

The first phase of the implementation plan which was to cover 2021 to 2023 would require 128.2 billion naira to be implemented.

The plan, if implemented, would provide a monthly allowance of 5,000 naira to 150,000 poor and vulnerable households, and 5,000 naira of disability benefits to 50,000 people with disabilities by 2023 under the welfare.

“There will also be a cash transfer of 5,000 N for mother and child to support infant health and nutrition to 50,000 infants and young children by 2023, also as part of an assistance intervention. social.

“The plan also provided for the creation of an informal sector pension scheme and a Kaduna State social protection trust fund within the framework of social insurance.

“This is to prevent vulnerable households from risks and shocks that could plunge them into extreme poverty.”

As part of the labor market intervention, the plan also provided for the establishment of a program to promote access to agriculture for young people to enable 150,000 young residents to transform their respective agricultural activities into flourishing agro-industries.

As part of social protection, the government planned to put in place community-based case management, early warning and referral mechanisms to ensure that social protection interventions are integrated into community life.

“The plan also provided for measures to strengthen the social protection system with relevant institutional frameworks, legislation and regulations, such as the establishment of the institutional and legal framework and the establishment of a social protection agency, among others. .

“These are commendable initiatives which, if implemented, would lift thousands of poor and vulnerable households out of poverty and have a significant impact on the state’s human capital development dynamics.”


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Joel C. Hicks