bjp: Severe action against the anti-social activities of the BJP: Mamata Banerjee

Kolkata: The BJP brought in people from neighboring states and resorted to “hooliganism and anti-social activities”, alleged West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Tough action will be taken against antisocials, she said, a day after the BJP’s march to the state secretary ended in violence. Praising the police for showing restraint, Banerjee said the law would catch up with those who engaged in arson and attacks on cops.

“In a democracy, people peacefully organize protest movements. However, in the name of protests, one cannot resort to anti-social activities and carry bombs, guns and stones in bags. They cannot injure or hurting others. Anti-social activities don’t go hand in hand with political movements,” Banerjee said in Midnapore on Wednesday. Violence during the BJP protest in parts of Kolkata and Howrah has left many injured due to jets of stones and fights with the police on Tuesday.

“Trains were hired and foreigners were brought in from other states. The thugs entered the railway property and threw stones and bombs at the police. The BJP has no workers in Bengal and resorted to hooliganism,” Banerjee alleged. At Santragachhi in Howrah, protesters besieged the railway terminus for more than four hours and threw stones at police. Several police officers and senior officers were injured in the incident, and railway passengers were trapped inside the station for hours.

Joel C. Hicks