City social organization feeds 1000 Panjrapola cows daily with nutritious bread.vnd – News18 Gujarati News WAALI

City social organization feeds 1,000 Panjrapola cows daily with nutritious bread.vnd – News18 Gujarati

Nidhi Dave, Vadodara: If you want to change the lines of your hands, give roti to a cow and as long as the cow exists, the Earth will exist. These two suvakyas were read to Maheshbhai Thakkar of Vadodara city and from that time he started the cow seva work.

The social organization feeds 1000 Panjarapole cows with nutritious bread every day.

A social organization in Vadodara feeds 1000 Panjrapola cows with nutritious bread every day. For years in Vadodara, Raman Maharshi Rahat Anna Vastra Kshetra, affiliated with Hariseva Trust, endeavored to provide free end products after death. Now the trust has started giving 5,000 ghee – nutritious jaggery roti daily to cows living in Panjrapola near Vadodara. A special roti-making machine has been installed by this organization to give nutritious roti to the cows. This service will be the first of its kind in Gujarat, if not in India.

A machine capable of making 1500 rotis per hour has been installed by the organization.

A machine was installed to make 1500 rotis in one hour. Along with this, a van was also deployed to deliver rotis to Panjarapol. Feeding service of nutritious roti with ghee, jaggery and Sindhav salt to mother cows was started. This service was launched from July 1 to Ashadi Bija Day 2022, Seva Trust Chairman Maheshbhai Thakkar said.

5000 daily fresh breads are made and given to the cows.

Currently, feeding cows with nutritious rotis has started with cows living in Darjipura near Vadodara and Sayajipura cages. In which there are 500 cows in Darjipura and 400 cows in Sayajipura Panjarapol. 5000 daily fresh breads are made and given to the cows. It is prepared by adding roti flour, jaggery water and Sindhav salt water. For cows to receive nutrients.

People donate Sindhav flour, jaggery, ghee, oil and salt to feed cows with roti: Maheshbhai, Trust Manager

Maheshbhai said our goal is to give bread to all cows living in cages in Vadodara district. Years ago, about 300 people ate at our establishment every day. But, over time, this service stopped. Our Board of Directors strives to feed more and more cows with nutritious breads. So far, the charity people who learned about the activities of our organization have donated flour, jaggery, ghee, oil and Sindhav salt to feed the cows. And the bread machine and the Kamdhenu Vahini were also donated by donors.

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