EasyGov announces enhancements to its digital solution for social protection programs

New Delhi, Jan 3 (PTI) EasyGov, a start-up in the GovTech space, on Monday announced enhancements to its digital solution for social protection programs. EasyGov is working to transform the design and delivery of social protection programs, according to a statement.
“EasyGov (Surajya Services) today announced innovative enhancements to its white label digital solution,” the statement read.
Currently, social protection programs around the world suffer from the fallacy of inclusion or exclusion despite the efforts of policy planners to refine design and implementation within governance.
“EasyGov’s latest product enhancement, the Needs Score Calculator, attempts to solve this problem using verifiable and explainable artificial intelligence,” the statement explains.
The calculated “need score” is an indicator of an individual’s requirement for a social safety net and can provide insight into the error of inclusion or exclusion of beneficiaries, the statement said.
The same can also be implemented for families to determine health, housing, education, livelihood, and overall inclusion or exclusion error.
“This AI model may emerge as an innovative and unique solution for progressive, family-centered social welfare,” the statement added.
The white-label enriched platform enables beneficiary discovery, delivery and prioritization for various state government programs including Suvidha, designed for the Government of Karnataka.
The EasyGov team works with several state governments.
“Citizens’ need to know about welfare schemes is evident from the number of citizens using the welfare and job eligibility engine on the EasyGov mini-app on MyJio. nine months, it has gone from less than 10,000 to nearly 100,000 a day, and that number continues to rise,” the statement added. PTI MBI RUJ RUJ

Joel C. Hicks