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New Delhi [India], Jan 3 (ANI): EasyGov (Surajya Services Ltd), a start-up in the GovTech space, on Monday announced improvements to its digital solution for social protection programs.

Currently, social protection programs around the world suffer from the inclusion or exclusion error despite efforts by political planners to fine-tune the design and implementation within governance. EasyGov’s latest product enhancement, called the “Needs Score Calculator,” attempts to address this issue using verifiable and explainable artificial intelligence (AI), the company said in a statement.

The need score calculated as part of the company’s rich digital solution is an indicator of an individual’s need for a social safety net and can provide insight into the inclusion or exclusion error of beneficiaries. The same can also be done for families to determine health, housing, education, livelihoods and the overall error of inclusion or exclusion.

“This AI model can become an innovative and unique solution for progressive and family-centered social protection,” said EasyGov.

Commenting on improving the company’s digital solutions, Amit Shukla, Founder and CEO of EasyGov, said: “Government welfare should shift from a program-centric intervention to a progressive social protection intervention and family-centered. The goal of social protection interventions should be to understand the unique needs of each family and to support them with minimal health, shelter, education and food needs. Livelihood interventions should help families exit the social safety net ”.

Shukla said identifying the beneficiary is “the first and the first step in this transformation.”

Domain expertise and technological skills have helped EasyGov establish strategic partnerships with many large technology companies such as SAP.

The citizens’ need to know about social assistance schemes is evident from the number of citizens using the eligibility engine for social assistance schemes and jobs on the EasyGov mini-app on MyJio. Over a period of 9 months, it has gone from less than 10,000 to almost 100,000 a day, and the number continues to increase.

EasyGov is also engaged with several state governments.

Suvidha, an EasyGov white label platform for the government of Karnataka, is a true reflection of all the capabilities of the EasyGov platform. Suvidha integrates a rules-based engine that helps discover eligible citizens, verify beneficiaries in real time, determine and assign need scores, identify exclusion and inclusion errors, process requests as well as an analytical dashboard for service users.

“Jagrut Tripura” is another EasyGov white label platform that went live in Tripura in March 2021 and helps citizens discover relevant social protection schemes. Innovative, tech-driven initiatives like Jagrut Tripura have huge reach in India to improve the citizen experience and help the government better use spending over Rs 10 lakh crore on social protection programs. (ANI)

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Joel C. Hicks