Ho Ching thanks the public for responding to the call to slow down social activities

Singapore – Madame Ho Ching thanked the public in two separate Facebook posts on Tuesday September 21 for slowing down social activities, which will eventually lead to fewer new Covid-19 infections.

In the first post, the outgoing chief executive of Temasek Holdings and wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wrote that she has been monitoring Google mobility data for Singapore since May 1 this year.

“This mobility data is an indicator of day-to-day activities – and these can be affected by policies such as Phase 2 Enhanced Alert, holidays or public holidays, and most importantly, the social behavior of our people. as a population,” she said. wrote.

She observed that the busiest day for Singaporeans to go out to eat is Saturday.

Mdm Ho added that following two points can be seen, based on the data.

“The first is that every time we have a change in eating and drinking activities, it takes about 3-4 weeks before we see the clear signs of the impact in the new caseload.”

But it was the second snapshot of the 7-day moving average mobility data that she said was the most encouraging.

“From the week until September 15, we are seeing activity drop.


A big big thank you, everyone!

This means that since last week, we are starting to slow down mask activities at various momkan and drinking establishments.

We also expect this to manifest itself in 2 weeks in the form of a slowdown in the rapidly increasing daily numbers.

Thank you all for answering the call to slow things down a bit.

However, she cautioned against complacency, as cases can increase exponentially and rapidly.

She said people have already started saying they are fed up with the Covid restrictions, and yet have continued to exercise discipline, not because of the authorities’ regulations, but “it’s us, being as disciplined as our healthcare workers and front-line teams.

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If they’re still racking their brains, doing this and that, coming to vaccinate people in their homes after dinner time, caring for patients in isolation wards, intensive care and the CCFs, the least we can do is to remain calm and measured in everything. that we do.

Mdm Ho expressed hope that Singaporeans would be “responsible, people, who can take the extra step to self-regulate so that we can continue our social activities in a measured way for the next 2 months or so”.

She used the idea of ​​more freedoms during the holidays to motivate people to keep staying disciplined now.

“Let’s work towards a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, friends.”

In his second message, she continued on this, writing: “A big thank you to everyone who helped – let’s go on and do more – socialize sensibly – let’s reduce the frequency and diversity of masked activities…
Take care of yourself to take care of others. Don’t give up, we can see the light of dawn.


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