Minister of Families, Children and Social Development visits Windsor area to talk about housing

The federal government introduced its 2022 budget last week, with a focus on housing affordability.

New initiatives include attempts to provide affordable housing for low-income people, helping people buy their first home, and working with municipalities to facilitate home construction.

Families, Children and Social Development Minister Karina Gould visited Windsor and Chatham yesterday.

She says she visited an affordable housing development in town and looks forward to working with the municipality on future projects.

“I started the day at the 3100 Meadowbrook site, which is building 145 units that will come online later this year with Windsor Housing Corporation. This is thanks to a federal government grant of $22 million,” she said.

Gould says future work with municipalities is key to achieving the goals behind the housing portion of the budget.

“We have to work with the province and the municipalities, because they are responsible for zoning, permits and all these things,” she began. “So we’re also setting up a $4 billion housing acceleration fund, which is looking to work with municipalities to resolve some of these permitting backlogs.”

Gould adds that there is a need to work with municipalities in the short and long term to provide affordable and equitable housing for Canadians.

“We have things we need to do today, and we have things we need to do in the longer term. And that’s obviously building more units. We need to address all of those things, and it also allows us to address some of the regulatory challenges.

While in the area, Minister Gould also met with people from UWindsor, Habitat for Humanity, the Welcome Center and the Black community of Windsor. In Chatham, she met with people from Clearview Co-op Housing to talk about federal co-ops.

– with files from Patty Handysides AM800

Joel C. Hicks