Ministry of Social Development launches 20 online services

Muscat – The Ministry of Social Development on Monday launched the first package of the ministry’s digital transformation project, which includes social security services and social assistance as well as 20 other online services.

HE Dr. Laila bint Ahmed al Najjar, Minister of Social Development, said that the electronic launch of the first package of social security and social assistance services is very important considering the large number of services provided by the ministry to citizens.

She said the ministry was keen for the services to reach citizens to reduce the burden on departmental or branch auditors, with applications for social assistance to be submitted through the ministry’s portal. It also allows requests to be tracked through the use of computers or mobile phones.

HE Dr Laila revealed that the ministry is looking forward to launching another set of services related to the field of social welfare and people with disabilities.

For his part, Ahlam bint Abdullah al Toobia, Director of Information Technology at the Ministry of Social Development, said the launch of the package is part of the digital transformation strategic plan to keep pace with the direction of Oman in improving the quality of government services and ways to deliver them according to specific controls, standards and time steps to ensure integration with different government institutions.

She added that the social welfare sector was chosen as the first sector because it serves a large segment of citizens, and according to the latest statistics, the number of social security cases reached 72,786. years developing the ‘Takaful’ system, which contains a number of internal electronic systems to facilitate work procedures within the divisions of the ministry.”

Joel C. Hicks