Rotary club of Pune includes itself in various social activities and wins participation from all over the world – Punekar News

Pune, September 11, 2022: Rotary International is a 117-year-old non-governmental organization active in social welfare in more than 200 countries. Founded by Paul Harris in 1905, Rotary today has more than 35,000 clubs worldwide, with more than 1.2 million members. In India alone, Rotary has over 3,700 clubs with over 1,40,000 members.

Rotary has become famous for its active participation in the polio eradication campaign around the world. Rotary’s seven focus areas are international peace, health, water management, maternal and child health, basic education, socioeconomic development, and the environment.

The younger generation is seen as future leaders for international peace. To help them better understand the social issues and the socialization of the world, children up to 18 years old, from different countries of the world, are sent to families in each other’s countries for three months or a year. In Rotary terminology, this is called the “Rotary Youth Exchange” program. These students stay with two or more families in the host countries, study in local colleges, learn local languages, family, social and religious cultures, traditions, dance, etc. They also participate in various Rotary projects and activities and present them at their homes. clubs. This helps local clubs obtain financial support from foreign counterparts for various projects and helps Rotary build and improve a good public image through newspapers, television and the Internet.

For several years, the Rotary Club of Pune Sinhagad Road has been participating in the Kasaba Ganpati immersion procession with these RYE students carrying the flags of their countries and signs bearing the themes of Rotary’s social projects. It is one of the attractions of the local mass media (visual and printed).

The club was founded in 1999 and is part of Rotary District 3131. Since its inception, the club has undertaken and successfully completed several projects of social, educational and health activities for the benefit of destitute and needy members of society. The 2022-23 Rotary year also includes several projects in Rotary’s priority areas. Some of them include: Completing the development of the village as a SMART village and making it self-sustaining, setting up water vending machines to make drinking water available in tribal (Adivasi) and drought prone areas , raise awareness of water and wastewater management and help raise the water table, help school children minimize or reuse plastic waste for a better environment, encourage people to use recyclable materials instead of plastic, provide medical support to tribal (Adivasi) and remote areas, developing schools by establishing libraries, computer labs and providing e-learning units, teacher training, etc.

The club has undertaken several other projects in association with renowned Ganesh Mandals like Kasaba Ganapati, Tambadi Jogeshwari, Dagadusheth Halwai and other NGOs.

The club encourages the participation and support of citizens, whose efforts are solicited.

Joel C. Hicks