Social activities come back to life in Fairfield Village | Way of life

Social life returned with a BANG for Fairfield Village, “the bustling place full of lovely people”.

It’s been a long, hot summer, and most of us who live year-round in Fairfield Village will be happy to see the start of “so-called” fall, even if we barely know it’s among we.

Lots of people gathered at the FFV clubhouse for the first pot luck dinner of the Labor Day weekend. On Saturday afternoon, September 3, starting at 4 p.m., many happy people joined in the activity planned to celebrate the weekend.

Grilled hot dogs and burgers, many wonderful side dishes and then delicious desserts were enjoyed. After enjoying the food, the group had a lot of fun with karaoke and dancing.

Carol Etzel, Stan Gorham and Rick Uslin were the performers who garnered the most applause. And they deserved it. Each of them brings lots of smiles and happy reactions from the people gathered.

Lots of people won prizes, and I’m sure these will be shared on Facebook and in the next issue of The Village Happenings. Also, please enjoy the accompanying photos.

Earlier on Thursday, September 1, a group enjoyed happy hour at the clubhouse with lots of good food, “libations” and indoor games, as the weather forced planned beachside activities. swimming pool to be cancelled.

As it was the birthday of a very special member of our community, those of us were able to enjoy a portion of a delicious special lemon birthday cake prepared for Nancy Cyr by the hostess of the happy hour, Janet Frederick.

Nancy is the lady behind the monthly newsletter, The Village Happenings, and does a wonderful job. Little by little, birthdays and anniversaries begin to accumulate again to be recognized each month.

It was a shame that the original slate couldn’t be carried over, but it’s on its way. We knew Nancy would be able to handle this. Thank you for all you do and “Happy Birthday” once again to Nancy.

As always, we thank and appreciate our medical, first responder and military community and their families who sacrifice their family time to be of service, especially during holiday periods.

Please watch for school buses. Remember to stop when this sign is displayed. Children aren’t always as careful as they should be, so we adults need to be extra vigilant.

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day 2022!

We hope everyone was safe, blessed and happy!

Joel C. Hicks