Social Development Meets with Bankers Association to Discuss Ease of Doing Business

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, March 14 – Port of Spain— The Minister of Social Development and Family Services, the Honorable Senator Donna Cox, met with representatives of the Trinidad and Tobago Bankers Association (BATT) earlier today, Wednesday, March 9, 2022, to continue discussions on the transition of departmental clients to electronic banking services. The meeting with the Bankers Association was also an opportunity to establish workable solutions to combat these issues and create a seamless experience and ease of doing business for all ministry clients. Minister Cox was accompanied by one of the department’s permanent secretaries, Jacqueline Johnson. Attending the meeting were BATT representatives, Richard Downie, BATT President and Kelly Bute-Seaton, BATT Executive Director.

In her welcome remarks, Minister Cox took the opportunity to congratulate the new BATT executive and indicated that the meeting with the Association is essential, as the department has recently relaunched its promotional campaign on the deposit initiative. direct.

According to Minister Cox, “the ministry is making continuous efforts to ensure that meaningful solutions are created to protect seniors, particularly in these times of a pandemic, and also due to the many incidents of fraud and stolen cheques” . The Minister also expressed concern about the issue of missing checks and the undue hardship this causes for our customers who are vulnerable and in need of support.

In response, BATT representatives said they looked forward to strengthening the existing partnership. BATT also said special arrangements have been made to facilitate recipients of welfare checks and that banks will continue to work with the department to get more people into direct deposit.

Other points discussed at the meeting included:

Special services provided by BATT members for vulnerable groups

· Cashing checks from entities other than those legally authorized: hardware stores, beauty salons, hair salons, cosmetics shops, etc.

Legislation on pensions for seniors

In closing, Minister Cox thanked BATT for their continued support and indicated that the department remains committed to working closely with the Association to ensure that no one is left behind.

Joel C. Hicks