Social protection available for farmers affected by floods

Farmers whose crops have been destroyed by floods this year can apply for social protection through their commune chief with the application assessed by Cambodia’s social program.

Previously, flood-affected farmers never received social protection but were assisted by the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM), the Cambodian Red Cross and other relevant authorities. However, this year farmers can apply for financial assistance if the floods have destroyed their crop.

The Secretary General of the National Social Welfare Board, Chan Narith, said yesterday that farmers whose crops have been destroyed by the floods can apply for financial assistance from Cambodia’s social welfare.

“It doesn’t mean that the farmers who were affected by the floods are now poor, but it needs to be assessed,” Narith said.

He added that if the farmers feel that they are going to have financial difficulties because of the floods, just speak with the commune chief and fill in the application for social protection.

However, local authorities will also visit the applicant’s home and ask further questions to verify the application and then enter the answers into the system for assessment by Cambodia’s social protection.

“Commune heads do not decide who can benefit from social protection, but once the applicant’s answers are entered into the system, the application will be processed,” Narith said.

Cambodian Farmers’ Community Coalition (CCFC) Chairman Theng Savoeun said farmers affected by flash floods should be provided with social protection and assistance should be provided for all natural disasters.

“I believe that the assessment process when farmers are affected by a flash flood must be conducted in a transparent manner and without discrimination or corruption, because what I fear is that this social assistance may be provided to relatives of the authorities. local,” Savoeun said.

Dek Mei, director of the Kangchorng Chiso Coalition Farmers Community in Takeo province, said the assessment process should not just be based on the amount of damage or destruction to a farmer’s existing crop, because A farmer’s income is determined by the yield at harvest time.

“Some farmers borrow money from the bank so that they can plant a crop and earn money after the harvest. So these farmers should also have social protection based on the potential yield,” he said. .

Joel C. Hicks