Transparent elections play a key role in social development: Abdul Malik

Former Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch said there were still questions about the transparency of the electoral process in Balochistan.

“The electoral commission should guarantee fair and transparent elections and keep an eye on the administrative agents involved in the electoral process,” he said.

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“Transparent elections play a key role in social development. There have been questions about the transparency of the electoral process in Balochistan,” said Dr Malik Baloch.

“Take note of the negative role of the government and the administration in the local body elections that will be organized by the Electoral Commission,” he added.

He said no one can compete with the National Party in fair and transparent elections.

These views were voiced by the National Party Central Chairman, former Chief Minister of Balochistan, during a meeting with various delegations at the Kech National Party Secretariat.

He described the people who were forcibly elected and given power in the 2018 general election.

He destroyed Baluchistan in nepotism and sectarianism and this process is still going on.

He said the differences in the ruling class were personal and group. Both groups are the same who together ruined Balochistan and now they want to play a new game of blaming each other.

He said the people of Balochistan are well aware of their role and actions. Now this gang can no longer deceive the Baloch people. He urged the Electoral Commission to take action to ensure fair and transparent elections. Make sure they don’t sabotage local body elections at the behest of the government.

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He said that the Electoral Commission does not have its own workforce and does all its work with the administration, so it is difficult to maintain transparency in the electoral process.

He said the National Party would not tolerate any undue interference in the upcoming local elections. The creation of local bodies is a fundamental condition for the stability of the country.

Joel C. Hicks