UNICEF supports KTSG to strengthen the social protection system

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says it is helping the Katsina state government to strengthen its social protection system.

Ramatu Aliyu, Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF Kano Field Office, told Dutse reporters on Wednesday.

She said the intervention included facilitating visits by government officials to certain states, to study what they were doing in those areas.

Aliyu said a team of Katsina officials were in Jigawa to ensure a better understanding of the medium-term expenditure framework (MTEF) and social protection initiatives in the state.

She added that participants would be exposed to the basic conceptual framework of the MTEF, as well as the progress and challenges of its implementation in the state.

According to her, the social protection aspect will be to help Katsina State understand the design and implementation of national social protection systems and programs.

“UNICEF believes in south-south learning where states share their experiences and build on their strength based on their implementation experience,” Aliyu said.

She said the focus of the MTEF was to ensure a better budgeting system that will prioritize the social sector and investment in children.

“The government is also aware that nothing can be more important for its many poor and vulnerable citizens than social protection, as it has proven to be a real tool in the prevention and reduction of poverty.

“Thus, the study will provide a better understanding of strengthening the social protection system, which will enable the poor to have sustainable access to income security, productivity and social services.

“Such as health care, education, nutrition, employment, and other safety nets, which are essential to improving their quality of life.

“It reduces poverty and prevents exposure to risks and shocks that threaten to plunge people into extreme poverty.” (NOPE)

Joel C. Hicks